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Link’s in modern clothing! Click for full size.

bless the fact that Time actually stands like that in game tho

"We're definitely going to win next time. All of us are."

San Antonio, TX. September 21, 2014

San Antonio, TX. September 21, 2014


harry: reads rumours about him being gay on twitter

harry: doesn’t tweet anything offending because being gay isn’t bad

harry: tweets about the weather instead

harry: takes bite from banana

harry: chills

harry: keeps chilling

harry: never stops chilling


shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!

rinharu parallels: from iwatobi to australia ↴

"In the end, no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much they clash, they end up returning to each other.” - Hiroko Utsumi

Happy Birthday to my One and Only Queen ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ.


im just a simple blogger, i wake up at 4 am to tend to my meme crop, i dont want any trouble

It’s lovely but I don’t need a bra thank you
Harry to the girl who threw a bra at him (via harrysgotnochill)




The fact that Harry and Louis have to endure all of this bullshit just shows how brave they both actually are.

and how strong their love is.

And how I would NEVER want to be on their bad side. If they can be this calm during shit like this, imagine how dangerous they are together when pissed at the same people.

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Backstage, 20/09.
2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Backstage, 20/09.